December 28, 2008

December 18, 2008

welcome HOME

-Swanbourne Beach, Perth, Australia, Perfection.
There's something in the air and it smells like clear weather and tall trees. It smells like fresh cut grass, comfort and safety. I walk into my house and a new sweet smell of  timber wafts around my suitcase. If morning light had a smell this would be it. My room is as i left it, with the sunbeams streaming in and around my bed, encapsulating it in a tomb of warmth and innocence. If comfort was soluble in air it would dissolve here. 
The days here start early and end earlier. This is something I am not used to and the pace trips me up. As I sit here and write this I notice that there is no need to hurry. No need to hustle, no need to stress about the things your can't control or do something for the sake of it because you are in a city where that is expected of you. Australia is welcoming and forgiving and always will be. Maybe because its Home and it's the place where my heart will always be. I wonder if this feeling will change as I get older?

Shane Moran and I, Sydney Summer Sun, 2006.
I feel that there is more care in the air here, unlike when I landed in NYC after Paris, there was compassion around my arrival in Perth. Girls in my industry travel around the world and take their lives around with them in their suitcases. They travel with candles and shoes, photos in frames and clothes for all types of weather. We move from city to city with our lives on our backs like snails, yet at the opposite pace. So I found it very figurative when I found my suitcase bleeding as it was thrown off the luggage carousel at JFK. No care was taken in the removal of my things off the merry-go round of belongings which led to my suitcase being surrounded my a pool of blood red wine as the bottle smashed as it hit the ground.
When no care is taken with your home life as you move around the world, your life or your heart may bleed. The city you live in has to comfort you if you spend the majority of your time there. If you are strong, then you can deal with a stronger city. But if the time comes where you are leaving a trail of  French Pinot Noir around JFK like a bleeding heart, you might want to go home and piece it back together with a bit of sunlight and fresh air. 
It's not that i don't love New York- I really do but the sun really doesn't shine there like it does here.
"I'm a tourist,
world at my feet.
Across hither and dither
and hither and dither
and hither and dither
won't fall off my seat."

"I've a camera,
keep my photos in a book.
The more i keep shooting and shooting
and shooting and shooting and shooting
and shooting
the less i have to look."
-Mystery Jets, Purple Prose, 2006

December 10, 2008

TA DA!-ism

After a long journey through a London museum I got into a discussion with my good friend (and amazing photographer) Jonas about where the term Dadaism came from. The artistic movement began in Switzerland and describes a group of Artists that came before the Surrealists and were greatly influenced by politics.
"Dada is the groundwork to abstract art and sound poetry, a starting point for performance art
a prelude to postmodernism, an influence to pop art, a celebration of antiart to be later embraced
for anarcho-political uses in the 1960's and the movement that lay the foundation for Surrealism."
-Marc Lowenthal
As most Dadaists created some strange and bizarre works, Jonas and I grandly came to the conclusion that one day an artist simply created a crazy piece of work in a flurry of artistic inspiration, and then walked out to his Swiss friends and simply went "DA DA". We found this hilarious at the time, but i guess you had to be there.
It also makes me think about personal styles of art and if in the future, people will be writing about 
creative groups of people that i know......
who knows......maybe i will be one of them.......

Birds Eye View

Even though you are unbalanced, you still have the best view, don't you.

How New york of you.

Wanderings of a curious mind

I find it interesting that when I concentrate on something, my mind tends to wander........uncovering lyrics of my imagination that open like blooming flowers.
Maybe when you shut off one part of your brain you open another one. I wonder if its the same in life- if you stop giving energy to the things that trouble you or even the things you want so so badly and just relax, maybe things will open up in ways you never thought possible.