February 7, 2009

Are you blue, bird?

(I also love this guys work: www.patherattack.com)

The Grinch if he were a cancerous Blood Cell, circa 2009.
"They don't teach these things in school, they just lay down the rules which are there for you to break"
-Mystery Jets, Flakes

In my dream I accidently inhaled butterflies, in her dream she dreamt of sharks and nachos. 
We didn't have any corn chips but i  didn't think we needed any. I was older than her and i thought i was right. We were fighting but it wasn't in a bad way.
It was hot in that house. We were sweaty and boiling and we would walk around the house wearing our bathers in  colours that went together like coffee and cigarettes. Mine were lime and hers were purple and we would walk around  barefoot looking for cheese draped in friendship bracelets and sweat. We looked good- she told me that, and we spoke in thoughts. I communicated with her and told her that we only looked good because we worked hard for it. We wanted to be wanted. We wanted everyone to look at us. When we arrived we saw all the the other girls that were staying in the house and we knew that they were a bit jealous, but they all had attributes that were attractive to the opposite sex though so we needed to step it up. We were willing to put our lives on the line.
It was morning when we got to the ocean. It was boiling that day. The water was so cool and we were used to being in there because we could breathe underwater. The jellyfish were the size of the old apartment and we loved being under there; in that ocean world.
We got so scared when the first shark came. He came at us so fast and we held each others hands and closed out eyes and hoped he wouldn't bite.......and he didn't. He showed his teeth and then out of the corner of his mouth he spoke. He said hello to us but we didn't move, we were frozen in fear. He rose up and put his fins back and belly forward in a show of peace. I didn't think sharks could move like that but he did and he said that he came in peace. He told us that the human world had it all wrong and it wasn't sharks that were bad- it was the dolphins and that humans had it all backwards. We believed him and then we went for a ride on his back. They boys thought it was the coolest thing that we befriended the sharks and we loved the increased attention. We risked out lives and it paid off. 
She only woke when we fought about nachos. 
Cheese! chips! cheese! chips! cheese! chips!

February 1, 2009

I call him Self; The Elf.

'love is the only cure for hate
and fantasy is the only cure for reality'

-my imagination seeks a higher ground-


Be a general bad-ass (hey mate)
Push a shopping trolley full of new found chairs
Graffiti Yourself
Run a marathon
Play with forks
Dance against the walls (aka 'wall dancing')
Wear a mask in Tokyo
Inhale some helium
Find a light switch!
Play with fake nails
Dress up like a fool and run amok
Dance and DJ

Listen to Nike and JUST DO IT. Its all around you- no excuses.