March 31, 2009

CHALLENGE! and follow through....

I think that society has progressed from a time when a certain movement defined the social, cultural and political occurrences. Since Futurism, people have begun the increasingly question and rebel authority. And why buck this trend? Art these days is a reflection of personal satisfaction and the varied outlooks simply mirror the diversity of our generation. Lets bring this out even more and make our mark by amplifying what the Futurists disliked- tradition, modesty and cowardice. Let's create our own version of 'art' and make it work in our own lives.

March 29, 2009

Tarot Sundays

In response to Kissers ( G.I. Joe Tarot card post i thought i would put mine up as well! 
PAST- you faced the great unknown and found it led to wonderful and amazing things
PRESENT-you are currently uniting some people together who will not forget you for it
SELF-you can be quite manipulative, and your influence on others is far reaching. You have have even brainwashed most of your companions into believing your ideals and fighting for your causes. Do not fear this card though, in most cases it means that you have a good partner or group of friends and you are just keeping your eye on their best interests and trying to keep them focused. Mostly the manipulation here is 'for their own good'
ENVIRONMENT- someone is trying to forget you
FUTURE- the future is yours to command, if you maintain your guard

March 28, 2009

Ode to Taxi Driver

8am. Saturday morning. March 28.
On my way to a shoot and i got a bit caught out. Sometimes things happen in this city that no one ever really knows about. Im sure at this time on a Saturday morning there are people slowly dragging them selves home after a long night. Im sure there are early risers that have been up for ages- the ones that have seen the morning buzz slowly escalate  and have had the pleasure to watch the city come out of it's sleep.  Things happen in this metropolis that shape you as a person. Even if you stay firm and fixed like a rock, New York will whirl past you and carve you in some way, shape or form like a stone in a river. Some Zen believers say you can never step in the same river twice because it's always moving- which is probably true  about New York days as well. I however, want to be a part of that river and not the rock that just sits and watches it all go by.
 Things have been happening lately that show me you really CAN have what you want when you really think about it properly. I don't want to turn into one of those nasty, stubborn people who don't surrender, bend and flow with life.
 The Japanese say that man should have the qualities of bamboo, they should be strong but not break in adversity and hard times. I like this premise and i should have used it more- even this morning (not that it was very hard at all) when i was close to snapping at my taxi driver because he had no idea how to get from my apartment to 15th and 9th. I thought this was rather strange as it's such an easy route. He then went on to apologize profusely to me and tell me that it was only his second day on the job. I immediatley felt like some kind of horrible witch. This kind man was being fed to the sharks. He was so sweet and being a taxi driver  he had to deal with some crazy New Yorkers, so i took my ipod out of my ears and really chatted with the guy. I told him to take 14th street to the West side and I chatted to him about how it was all going. I honestly felt like i was talking to some kind of Virgin. He was a great man and all i can say is that i hope he is the same in ten years and the crazyness of NY doenst make him bitter and hard.
"I will carry you through the hurricane waters
And i'll remember you in the blue skies
i will carry you through the hurricane waters
And i'll remember you in the blue skies

Something happens when
You're caught searching for an answer
When you're stuck in the middle
Of a place that you don't belong
When you start to loose sight of what's right and wrong
When we started it was innocent
'Cause when we started it was innocent."
-Citizen Cope, Hurricane Waters

March 25, 2009

Something on my mind

There has been a number of things pissing me off lately and i just wanted to vent because if I don't i feel that my anger may explode on a poor innocent victim and no one wants that. Feel free to add your own.

1- Those "busy" people in NYC who feel that it is acceptable to play street chicken with strangers. Its so obvious they are about to run straight into you but they don't defer their course because they are busy and important and probably think that they 'were there first'

2- People who run on their tip-toes. This action annoys me so much that i either want to hit them in the face or i have to change tredmills. RUN ON YOUR WHOLE FOOT! For Gods sake.

3-People who bring coffee to the gym. I really do not understand this action. A coffee before hand is OK, but who wants to slurp a hot latte in the middle of a Total Body Conditioning class? Or take a gulp of Americano on your 3rd mile???? Gross.

4- People who try and hide the fact they are reading your magazine over your shoulder on the subway. These people always pretend they are looking at something else as they crane their necks to see what your are engrossed in. I understand that what i am reading is important and that you want to read it to- so go out and buy your own.

5- People who drink coffee with a straw. This is just plain gay. sorry.

6- People who eat and walk. Im not talking about an apple or a power bar, I'm talking the people who try and juggle a mobile phone and a bag while cutting into an omlette while striding down 23rd street. I've seen it and it's not my idea of fun. Take a load off- sit down and enjoy it already!

7- People who buy a dog and then get a dog walker to walk it. I understand that some may go out of town or maybe just can't walk them that day but if it's all the time then maybe you shouldn't have a dog.....

8- Snifflers. BLOW. YOUR. NOSE.


March 6, 2009


Have you ever dreamt of oceans? Bodies of water and tidal waves? I have. I have them ALL the time. When I landed from Sydney in NYC i had re-occurring dreams of tidal waves and floods for a week straight. Apparently this means i am having some overwhelming emotional issues OR there is going to be a clearing away of old beliefs. BRING IT ON i say.


Boz is going to hate me forever for posting this but i think this photo is actually really pretty. So unless she finds out it's on here i am going to keep it up cos she looks hot.  Anyway- this is Laura and we are both studying right now (Introduction to Visual Arts). She's doing it properly at a university in San Fran, and I am doing it  in NYC on my laptop from anywhere i get WiFi . I would do it at home but i always find something better to do. My washing maybe, or the dishes (again), or organizing my bookshelf, covering a whole wall in my bedroom in photos, cleaning the bathroom....
It feels great to study again. I feel like my head has somewhere to direct it's energy and focus while I'm not working. Today i sat on the rooftop of the GPH with my darling friend Frankie and polished off a billion cups of coffee and read about Greek philosophy while he studied the NY mag article of Kate Moss. Glorious.
Life is sweet.

Look at you there Mr.

"I'm sorry sir, it really wasn't meant to be-this way."

March 1, 2009


There's a girl out there. You might know her. She's the one thats trying hard to fit in with it all. It looks like she slides in easily but it's not really like that for her. Its like that kid in high school that everyone thought was a natural genius but studied until 2 am on most nights of the week. She's also the one that you look at all the time. The one who seems to have it all figured out. Her life flows methodically and naturally towards the direction of her dreams while you stare in awe. You sit on the banks and she is the river that glides past you. 
Everyone knows this girl or a variation of. They either want her, or they want to be with her. They want to be the guy by her side. The boy that caught her. The boy that she deserves and the boy they all talk about now.  The boy that she laughs with in the corner of the room and you wish you had the joke that made her smile. You can see the girls looking at her too, wondering, wishing.
But she doesn't know all this, and she keeps walking though life trying to keep her head up. She tells tales of her days and to your ears they spark and crackle like cocoa pops. 
But this girl needs you. She doesn't need to be listened to. She needs to be heard and she wants to be held. She has no idea what she is doing and she wonders if everyone else is making it up as they go along, too. When she cries, she wants nothing more than someone to tell her "I've got you, baby. I've GOT you. It's O.K now". She wants to swim in a sea of blankets with you and make cubby houses out of pillows and sheets and spend the day in bed and not feel guilty. She's the essence of everything- but she doesn't even know it yet. Gliding along in life she looks for her place and as she walks she tries to patch up the holes in her self-esteem. Skipping along the road side she takes a breath, a sigh, as she shakes off her doubts. She masks her fear well but there are chinks in her armor. She's powerful though..... and she is growing. So stay and watch her, but make sure you don't sit on the side for too much longer.