April 23, 2009

April 10, 2009


He knows how to treat her. He wants her more than he can handle himself. He wants to HOLD her. SQUEEZE her. NEVER LEAVE her. The emotions that fuel his actions and movements are doused when he glimpses her and the fire rages even brighter and you can see it in his face- that longing he has to be with her. It breaks my heart as he tries to play cool but underneath it all he just wants her like he's never had her before. He gives everything he has to his movements and she just thinks it's quite weird, all of this commotion. What i don't understand is why he has to play it cool. Why can't there be love without games? Without hesitation or anticipation? Why can't Ducky try his tenderness and put his heart out on his sleeve without having to play it all off as some kind of joke?
Hey,you wont regret it, no 
Them young girls they don't forget it
-Ottis Redding, Try A little Tenderness


What happens when the worst happens? What you thought might crush you ends up being strangely uplifting and oddly liberating? When something snags, runs and fucks up what you wanted to present to the world, don't fear, because you can change it. You just take off what you thought was what you wanted, you change it slightly, you mix it up, you put it on again and you keep on walking. You want to know why? Because YOU CAN. Life could be worse and there is no excuse to stick your head in the sand and mope about it when there are people out there that have so much less. Full Steam Ahead! Keep on achieving and getting stronger. We are put on this earth to do something and you have to keep looking, moving, finding. If you have a brain and a heart you will be FINE because you can always go forward.