June 16, 2009



June 14, 2009


When you get to what seems like the end and you feel there is no where to go, just hug the wall and hold on tight. It seems like you have no where to run and no ones arms to run into but there is a path for you. There is a way and you will find it. Don't loose hope and make sure you remember who you are. Remember what you love and why you love it. Is what you love getting you to the place you want to be? Is your favorite thing getting you to that higher level of being? Find out and turn it around if it's not. There is time for you and there is always a way for you.

Caps Fuckin Master

The one. The only. The master.
Never been beat.


My apologies for not posting. Here is some new work. Art show might be coming up soon.... ill keep you posted.