October 24, 2009


Like Banksy X Barry McGee, Perth's wonder graff artist strikes again and again.
Check him out: http://www.stormie.com.au/

October 19, 2009

Nancy Pants

you rock


This is my Life Coach, LoCo.
She likes to read Oxford Dictionary's 'Humorous Quotations' a lot.
She rocks, so we rock.

Just a little Warning

"Its all coming out now"- 2008

I'm not sure why no body warns you about that time in your life when you hit your early 20's and things seem to get even harder than when you went through adolescence. You are finishing university, or changing degrees, growing up, traveling, thinking more, loving more, learning more, dealing with more, freaking out, climbing up, and then on top of that this external pressure seems to drop on you from somewhere and it pushes you to DECIDE. NOW! You are old enough! You should know what you are going to be doing with your life!! Stop fucking around! And this time in your life is so scary- because what if you don't know? What if you think you know but you aren't sure you are on the right path? What if you are just scared? WHY the hell does no one warn you prior to this!?!? Just a little "Oh by the way- teenage years are rough, but it's pretty cool because you are sheltered and your mum still does your washing and the only future you stress about is then end of the term or your next coming exam. Your 20's are harder because you actually have to deal with the REAL future".
Its amazing this time- it shaped who you are and shows you your true colours as they come out in full force. This is a powerful time. But how come nobody tells you how freaky it can be? You find loves, you loose loves, you aren't sure what is right. You aren't really sure which way to go and on top of that you know that these decisions aren't as casual as the ones that you made a few years ago. Crunch time? Crazy time? Crucial time? Creative time? Who knows.
(my time)