February 28, 2011


'Have Mercy'
Watercolour on paper

February 21, 2011


Photo by Justin Smith for MARK magazine. Colograph print by myself.

Just another BP commentary

The Finlayson in your NY place

Downstairs in my old apartment in NYC. I LOVED this time.


Photo by Justin Smith. Illustration by myself.

Photo by Justin Smith. Rose painting and illustration by myself.

February 15, 2011


W Magazine by David Sims

You say.....

'imagine me telling you I love you immediately after

you tell me to shut up, not to confuse love and lust

but I'd probably just keep saying it again and again.

when I say I need you...

I mean it litterally

I need that

I need to see you, laying on your stomach, working on something on your computer

I need to lift your hips off the bed

I need to see you arch

I need to be next to you, close to you

feel your body against mine

make it hard for you to concerntrate

argh...i just need you'

February 8, 2011

Street Style Bondi

Photo by Candice Lake at Bondi Beach