December 17, 2012


So here's the low down; Damien Hirst and MK and A from The Row (aka Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen) have teamed up with the e-retailer Just One Eye to create a limited edition line of 12 backpacks, each one different to the next and retailing at a whopping US $55,000. Part of this mammoth price tag is said to go to Hirst's choice of charity (thank god) while the buyer gets to revel in his/her wearable piece of art. Some call it an "exercise in frivolity" while Just One Eye say that this project is "a fascinating study on contrasts" and that it "blurs the line between fashion and art".... What do you guys think? Let's just say if I got one for Christmas I wouldn't turn it down!

See the full collection here

December 6, 2012


Hey Jess! How are you doing today?
            Very good! Exhausted and a little cross eyed from painting, but good.

What did you have for breakfast?
      Porridge with maple syrup


Bondi, Sydney, Australia.

How did you start painting? Did you study art?        
I always enjoyed drawing, but at my first ‘heartbreak’ (when I was 14) I drew myself and I realized I was actually pretty good at it. I drew pencil portraits for a few years after that, but only gained the confidence to try paint and colour when I was 17 and had the chance to paint a wall.
How did you start modeling?
I was scouted by Billabong in a Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast when I was 16.

Tell me what a typical day for you is like…
Wake up and roll around in bed for an hour, do some excersize, have brekkie, after that it’s a combination of painting in the studio and going to castings usually, I’ll get home by about 7 or 8 and go out for a drink and a chat or just chill at home.

Do you find it difficult to divide your time between modeling and painting?
It’s starting to get hard to fit in my modelling with commissions leading up to Christmas - everyone wants their pieces done before then! Especially when I’m covered in paint and have to scrub up for a casting.

What similarities to do you find between the two?
The fickle nature of the two is their biggest similarity. Both industries are very competitive and hard to succeed in, but that’s what keeps them exciting. Both can put you in very interesting and unexpected situations too, and both can take you places you wouldn’t usually get to go.

How/ Do you think art and fashion influence each other?
Fashion is a form of visual art and expression. The designer and the painter are both artists who feed off and inspire one another, just as they both feed off other forms of expression.
Do you draw upon fashion and your experience as a model as inspiration for your art?
It would be impossible for my art to not be influenced by such a big part of my life. I am fascinated and captivated by the human form and the intricate differences between people, something that could definitely come from my involvement in such an image-obsessed industry.

What is your preferred medium to paint with and why?
I love coloured inks and gouache for smaller works. For big stuff I use Acrylic and posca pens.

Would you rather your art be in a gallery space or street scape? Why?
I love painting in cityscapes- the scope of the work is infinite and it is more of a challenge to create harmony between the existing buildings and the piece. The result can be more captivating if it appears to be part of an already existing structure. Art on the streets makes life more interesting too. Also, the bigger the better when it comes to space to paint!
Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
            Somewhere exotic sipping on a coconut.

Tell me a little more about your Dulux deal…
Earlier this year Dulux approached me to collaborate with them in their Artists for Dulux Campaign. I did some live art with their winter colours in Melbourne in exchange for a paint sponsorship.

Where are you selling your art at the moment?
I get most of my sales through social media, I go to meet people in their workplaces or homes, or talk to them via email to see what they are after when it comes to commissions and public art. I’ve got my second exhibition of personal works on the 13th of December at the National Grid in Brookvale! J
Contact Jess at for enquiries.


W Magazine, David Sims

I'm not sure why nobody warns you about that time in your life when you hit your early 20's and things seem to get even harder than when you went through adolescence. You are finishing university, or changing degrees, growing up, traveling, thinking more, loving more, learning more, dealing with more, freaking out, climbing up.... and then on top of that this external pressure seems to drop on you from somewhere and it pushes you to DECIDE. NOW! You are old enough! You should know what you are going to be doing with your life!! Stop fucking around! And this time in your life is so scary- because what if you don't know? What if you think you know but you aren't sure you are on the right path? What if you are just scared? WHY the hell does no one warn you prior to this!?!? Just a little "Oh by the way- teenage years are rough, but it's pretty cool because you are sheltered and your mum still does your washing and the only future you stress about is then end of the term or your next coming exam. Your 20's are harder because you actually have to deal with the REAL future". Its amazing this time- it shapes who you are and shows you your true colours as they come out in full force. This is a powerful time. But how come nobody tells you how freaky it can be? You find loves, you loose loves,  you aren't sure what is right. You aren't really sure which way to go and on top of that you know that these decisions aren't as casual as the ones that you made a few years ago. Crunch time? Crazy time? Crucial time? Creative time? My Time.