January 30, 2013


Noah Taylor
Untitled 2012
ink on paper, 50 x 65cm

Noah Taylor
Untitled 2012
ink on paper, 50 x 78cm

Noah Taylor opened his show last night at Tim Olsen Gallery in Woollahra, Sydney... and what a turn out. The lead up to his first ever art show (if you haven't heard, Noah is an incredibly accomplished actor, a wicked musician and apparently a killer cook!) has been packed with press and interviews and rightly so. Taylor's innocent and juvenile illustrations attracted a wide range of buyers that connected with the characters and their "inky worlds." Taylor has a strong narrative, a witty sense of self, a comical approach to society, a ton of attitude and the ability to transform an emotion into simple monochromatic whimsy.
I adore it.
One of Noah's quote will really stick with me and I really think it says a lot about the creative process...

The people in my pictures are very real to me, as is their inky world. I've never consciously chosen to draw these people, but whenever ink hits the paper, there they are.
-Noah Taylor

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January 29, 2013

January 27, 2013


The flawless Dani Smith photographed by me in NYC.
Illustrations also by me.

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January 10, 2013


Hi Jayson! What are you up to today?
Today I have fittings on next seasons designs. I love fittings as its when I get to see my new designs realized on a model. After that Im at the gym then Im writing a blurb about next seasons collection for possible sponsors and then im organizing what to wear for a shoot for In Style magazine tomorrow. Oh and I started a 14 day detox so Im sans coffee which is irritating the hell out of me right now!

What’s a typical day like for you?
I walk to work as my studio space is in Potts Point so its literally a 5 minute stroll up the hill. Brilliant! Then if Im lucky I get to design. Otherwise Im doing PR stuff. Then I go to the gym at lunch time and back to the office. I like to stay at home at night. Im a real introspective Virgo. I can turn on the extrovert designer when I need to but I prefer to be watching a great movie than out doing the talk.

Which came first, fashion or art?
Art. I always used my backyard black board as a child. Drawing drawing drawing.

Tell me about your education.. .
I loved school. I loved learning things, particularly literature and history and art. I was dux of my high school believe or not! I went onto fashion college but dropped out after only 2 years. I got bored and was eager to get out into the real world.

Illustrated mugs. Part of Jayson's home wares collection

How does fashion influence your illustrations?
I draw my designs so illustration does impact them. When I draw it creates a certain mood,a feeling for the themes Im pursuing with a collection. Im influenced by the great fashion illustrators of the past so the line of their sketches inspires my design

I spy a lot of iconic actresses in your work, is that a huge influence? The goddess of the silver screen?
Im obsessed with cinema! Always have been. I love iconic film actresses. Their beauty and personality both on screen and off inspires my design style. I like to think that when a woman wears my clothes she feels like a star, she takes on a certain personality and a mood. She is seduced.

Other than fashion, what are the main influences in your images?
Travel and history influence me. I love to travel and when I do i love to explore museums and galleries. Always inspiring.

Do you think art and fashion could live without one another?
I don’t think fashion is art. Couture is the highest level of fashion and its about design and craft in the most exquisite form. But ready to wear fashion is not art, its a commercial endeavour that is to be worn. However, I don’t believe that fashion would be as exciting without art as an inspiration.

Do you feel there are any links in the process of creating an art and creating clothing?
There are definitely links as both are a creative process. The creation of a piece of art is similar in principle to the creation of a really special garment or for that matter a building or a car. Its a process of design. But I don’t think theres any resemblance to art when creating commercial clothing unless it involves print work. When designing a piece of very commercial clothing the process involves the price, the customer and the volume.

Myself in Jayson's SS12 show in THE Marilyn Dress

Which has a greater weight in society in your opinion? Fashion or art?
Fashion does now. We live in a fast visual disposable age where celebrity is worshipped. What these celebrities are wearing has a far greater influence on society than what an artist is doing in Berlin. I think the most basic example of this shift in society is the fact that magazines are dying. People aren't  as interested in an artistic photograph of a beautiful dress on a beautiful girl as they are in seeing that dress on a runway as the show is happening.

'Follow Me' cover, January 1988