March 13, 2013


 Miss Moss by Richard Prince

Left; Richard Prince
Nurse Barclays Dilema
ink jet and acrylic on canvas
Right: Louis Vuitton S/S '08 show

Richard Prince
Nurse in Love
ink jet and acrylic on canvas

Richard Prince
Nurse of Greenmeadow
ink jet and acrylic on canvas

Richard Prince
Man Crazy Nurse
ink jet and acrylic on canvas

Richard Prince
Mission Nurse, 2002
ink jet and acrylic on canvas

In the spirit of 'Flashback Friday' I am throwing back to one of my favorite series of works by one of my favorite artists. If you don't know him- I am talking about the iconic Richard Prince. This Nurse Series was actually made from 'pulp romance novels' he found at cheap bookstores. Prince scanned the covers, printed them onto canvas, worked into them and later titled them the same as the books they were inspired by. These amazing paintings then in turn inspired Marc Jacobs for the Spring Summer 2008 Louis Vuitton show, pictured above. 
Aaaaahhh... how (fashionable) life imitates art!

Art appropriation has been a huge deal for a number of years and Prince was one of the first to practice it, starting out in 1975. His process of 'rephotography' in many of his early works was met with mixed responses and trepidation, but I feel that in this day and age appropriation is a necessary part of art- it adds to the layers and ideas already set down by one creative mind and both enhances and amplifies this. 
I decided to appropriate my own photograph of Tiah Eckhardt-Delaney for you viewing pleasure below.
Amy Finlayson
Inferno, 2013
oil pastel on photographic paper
50 x 50 cm

Tiah by Me
Behind the Scenes, 2013

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March 7, 2013


You think YOUR hair salon is good? 
Check out the amazing collage by Mason Mulholland I get to look at while getting my color done. Art, art, everywhere!!!

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