April 16, 2013

SACCHARINE SWEET AT FASHION WEEK- THE PIP AND POP POST (with a little help from my friends)

Pip and Pop. 
Fun name, fun story. 
Pip and Pop are installation artists (that go by the real names of Nicole Andrijevic and Tanya Schultz) that use sugar to mould whimsical creations full of sweet fairytale wonder. They built this incredible set for Romance Was Born during SS13MBFWA in Sydney.

"Created in a manner similar to Buddhist Sand Mandalas (whose profound impermanence of their time consuming compositions are meant to be a meditation on the transitory nature of life), Pip and Pop’s works jump to 3D territory, oozing past boundaries in a day glo riot of neon and sparkle."

(I actual was not there so I am being savvy and using social media to help me illustrate the show. Instagram names are up the top- feel free to follow ;) )

Blurring the line between installation art, sculpture and set design, Pip and Pop injected a much needed breath of fresh air to Fashion Week in Sydney. Mushrooms, mounds of color and multi dimensional mountains of shimmer brought the stage to life while bringing the audience back to the fantastic innocence and wonder of their childhood. It is a reminder of what creativity should evoke- such delight that gets so lost in the face value of fashion week.

April 3, 2013


Christina backstage at Marc Jacobs

Hey Christina! How are you doing today? 
I’m great thanks :)

Where do you live?

When did you start drawing?
I started drawing when I was really little. I loved Poscas and Crayola textas. 

Work in progress

Did you study art? Where/ When/ How was it?
I started taking art classes outside of school when I was about 7. I continued on and off until I finished my VCE in Melbourne. I did two art subjects in year 12, Visual Art and Studio Art. I really liked a bit of everything and was trying out as much as possible- screen printing, inks, photography in the darkroom, etc. 

How did you start modeling?
I was assisting a fashion designer in Melbourne after school finished and she proposed me to a stylist friend of hers for a shoot.

Christina Carey by Tim Walker

What is your favorite color?
I like deep purples and blues.

Who is your favorite artist?
Egon Shiele

Where would you like to see yourself in 5/10 years? Dream job?
I’m commencing a course in graphic design in a few months which is exciting. Following that I think it would be great to do some assisting/interning and learn from people in the work place. It should be a fun progression and time will tell where I end up! I’m planning more travel and time spent living abroad. Lots to look forward to.

Ink illustration

Stay tuned for more to come from Christina...

April 2, 2013


Un retouched photos by Amy Finlayson.

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