February 6, 2014


Another cool collaboration from some of my favorite Aussies- casual wear company bassike and boundary pushing, L.A based artist Jonathan Zawada

Having originally created the bassike branding in 2006, Zawada has teamed up with bassike again, this time on a limited edition print for the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection

Straight from the press release...

“We really respect Jonathan’s aesthetic and his modern yet philosophical approach to colour and texture. We feel very honored to be working with him again creatively” says Mary Lou Ryan of bassike.

Describing the concept behind the prints, Zawada explains, “For the past couple of years I have been creating small-scale doodles on my phone with a simple drawing app. I wanted to explore how some of these rough compositions could be evolved further and translated back into a non-digital format. I wanted this season of prints to feel like they were part of the ongoing narrative of work I've created with bassike.”

For the Autumn/Winter 2014 prints, Zawada uses “a mixture of hand and digital work. The paint strokes are created by hand then manipulated digitally to create new line work and new compositions. I've always been interested in the space between digital and analogue and this work is precisely that mix.”

February 3, 2014



"In this thoughtful piece, Brannon Gerling explores ways to do so much more than just travel. Open your eyes and your heart and the world will open to you"
If you can't read this visit the website or go and buy the mag- it has wonderful imagery. 
- Article from the Jan/Feb/March issue of Vacations and Travel Magazine


I just want to start out by saying the best thing about having a blog is the ability to post and write what ever the F you want. Apologies for the colloquial nature of that sentence but it is so true.  I have been thinking a lot about art and expression lately- which is good as my next unit for University is Philosophy and Cognitive science. What we see and hear has a great effect on how we think and act as humans, and I truly feel that art permeates hate and diffuses stale barriers of unnecessary fury. With that said I am now posting EVERYTHING I think is art- from this mature version of a Dr Seuss narrative- sung incredible by Annie Clark of St Vincent and directed by Chino Moya, to articles that resonate with me and stir the imagination and passion in my soul.
I encourage you to find the same- inspiration is all around us.