May 29, 2014


Full name?
Megan Hess

Star sign?

First thing you thought about when you woke up today?
I was craving pancakes for breakfast! But didn’t make them because I ran out of time!

Favorite food?
Figs with yogurt, pecans and honey.

Favorite color?
It’s a dead tie between a Tiffany blue and peach

Favorite city?
New York

Where do you live?

Does Melbourne’s energy affect your drawing style?
No, I think when I draw I’m just in my own little world. Most of my work is for the US and Europe so my mind is always somewhere else. One of the lovely things about my job is that I could be anywhere really and still be able to do what I do.

Tell me what a typical day for you is like…
My morning’s start early with Skypes to overseas clients and then its breakfast and getting my kids ready for school. Then back to the studio and I’m drawing away – candle burning, music playing and I’m in my little happy place! Some days I have to go overseas for work or sketch at the collections. My days have a lot of variation, which I love.

Tell me about your earliest drawing memory…where was it, what was it done with?
My earliest memory is drawing as a child. I remember sitting in our garden and just drawing everything that I could see around me. I was probably about 5yrs old and it was probably with pencils.

Did you study art? Where/ When/ How was it?
I actually studied Graphic Design and whilst is wasn’t quite right for me, it was a good starting place to get more into what I really wanted to do, which was Illustration. And even though now I just do pure Illustration, I always think that everything that you’ve already done in life somehow helps get you to where you are today.

People would be surprised to know that I…
Love mini golf (I really do)

Your most exciting illustrating job to date?
Ohhh there have been several…! One of my favourite collaborations has been with Tiffany & Co in New York: I was asked to illustrate their iconic 5th Avenue building filled with chic Tiffany & Co people in the foreground! It was a dream project. Another collaboration that was wonderful to work on was with Cartier in Paris. It all centered around Paris Fashion Week and I created 10 bespoke illustrations for their Paris Nouvelle Vague Collection. Every project that I work on these days is very inspiring to me so I consider myself VERY lucky! And if you had told me when I was a kid that I would get to do this for a living when I grow up, I would never have believed you.

Do you have a preferred medium to draw with/ on? Why?
I illustrate everything with a custom Montblanc fountain pen – which I affectionately call Monty. When I first worked with Montblanc, they sent me to New York to do their bespoke program – it’s the coolest thing for an Illustrator because they can measure your hand writing/drawing style and they take that information and handcraft a pen specifically for you! I treasure it and I would now be completely lost without Monty!

What’s your fashion style like?
I love mixing designer pieces with delicate vintage pieces. I love lace and intricate fabrics…I also love mixing it all with silk scarves and vintage jewelry.

Is that also represented in your art?
Sometimes yes. The thing I love most about being a fashion illustrator is that I can create an imaginary world, women can be wearing whatever I dream up and often I really wish I owned some of the pieces that I’ve drawn!

Who is your favorite artist?
My favorite artist of all time was Erte. He was a Russian born, French artist who illustrated many of the iconic Fashion magazine covers in the 20th century. His style was just so unique and his work was so inspiring to me. I still look to his work when I need a bolt of inspiration!

Do you think art and fashion influence each other in general? How?
Yes, very much so. I think sometimes there’s a direct link between art and fashion and then other times it’s just a natural influence that flows between the two. I also think there are global influences such as a colour becoming the next big thing – you’ll then see that colour influence both art, fashion, interiors…everything.

May 28, 2014


The quiet moments, the breathless experience of a new memory.
Simple shapes and muted washes wrap and drape over the body,  for a collection that is timeless in its sensibility yet as fresh and modern as first light. Bigeni dresses this new woman in a splendid celebration of the essence of creativity and the simple skill of great design. 
From the press release:
"Drawing on classic Hellenistic shapes and drapery, the eye is drawn by the perpetual movement and energy, which creates fluid lines and sharp, sculptural forms. There is a sense of the ancients reaching for the utopian ideal; of the expressive creative impulse reigned in by mathematical rationalism. Wasn’t it the Greeks who first discovered the inherent beauty and complexity hidden within the simplest of concepts?

But of course Bigeni is not designing for the past, but for today’s urban sophisticate. Styles are deceptively simple, with considered, idiosyncratic details. Building on the label’s quintessential black and white palette are clean tones of ivory, mushroom, sulphur and paprika. An artistic, almost painterly approach to print sees graphic, oppositional polka dots on the SPIES singlet dress and JAMIE singlet in silk dupion, and dusky sunsets in faded mauve and aquamarine arise on trousers, skirts and dresses rendered in silk crepe and Italian cotton courtesy of artist Eduardo Santos, whose gradient print brings balance to the thoroughly modern, and purposeful collection.

Drawstrings on relaxed, tapered trousers, delicate laser cut panels on monochromatic dresses and collared shirts, racer backs and colour blocking evocative of Mondrian and Rothko combine artistry with wearability, a feature most notable in the exquisite perfection of Bigeni’s drapery. As simple as a loosely unfurling bias cut, and ornate as the dramatic twists, knots and origami folds that use the entire body as their canvas.

What is most notable is the collection’s refusal to conform to binaries; playfulness mingles with refinement, lightness with a defined physical presence."

Thank you Mr Bigeni for bringing back refined elegance and effervescent artistic ingenuity.
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