September 17, 2015


I was lucky enough to collaborate with electric scooter company Fonzarelli Bikes on my latest project #FonzarelliByFin.  
Fonzarelli is Australia’s first 100% electric scooter with a removable battery for charge-anywhere convenience. Michelle Nazzari, founder of Fonzarelli Bikes, has created the Fonzarelli because she believes in 100% emission-free and eco-friendly personal transport, and ensuring that a Fonz bike is the most stylish option on the road today.


 The inspiration behind my design? 
Initially I thought about the heritage of the scooter and it's Italian roots... I got began to think about their position in the Italian streets and the geometric pattern of the winding towns and villages and cobbled stoned streets. This lead to a simple gold triangular shape as the base, that also represented the sun that is so deeply ingrained into me as part of my Australian heritage. The white and blue veins echo the electric nature of the scooters brand identity and also the surf and sand which make up the amazing cities I grew up in and now live in. 
Technically,  I acheived this using spray paint, priming the panels first, then coating them in a matte gold finish. Once dried, I poured a mixture of white and gold over the sides of the triangled sections, turning the panels to alter the direction of the paint flow.

 Amy Finlayson and Michelle Nazzari out for a ride

Fonzarelli can also customize your bike exactly to the way you want it at the Fonzlab. “Fonzarelli doesn’t compromise on style to provide a truly sustainable transport solution. From accessory choices to performance adjustments, the FonzLab team work with our customers to create the perfect ride and enhance their personal style”, Michelle Nazzari (Fonzarelli founder and director) says.

For scooter customization with artwork by Amy Finlayson, please email Amy at

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