June 21, 2015

TOP 5 ART APPS for BURO 24/7

 Navigating the art world can be terribly daunting, whether you're an in-the-know connoisseur, seasoned collector or amateur art lover. While apps like Instagram have introduced us to an enormous plethora of artists we otherwise would never have known, it's not the only app out there that comes in handy when it comes to consuming art. Here are five of the best apps out there to help you get your head in the art world.

1. Raven
Tech-stroke: 5 of the best apps for art lovers
Formerly known as 'artwhatson', Raven has re-branded and with a new moniker. The app is easy to use, up to date and it brings art right to your pocket. In a nutshell, it is 'a platform for contemporary art and events' and offers a comprehensive list of exhibitions and openings. Search via states to see what shows are happening now, what's coming up and what is closing soon. They also have an amazing stockroom of art (that you can buy!) and great interviews on their website. (iPhone)

2. Artguide by Artforum
Tech-stroke: 5 of the best apps for art lovers
Going overseas? This is the app you need. From New York to Beijing, this app is similar to Raven, but on a global scale. Browse the easy-to-use options to select openings, galleries, museums, auctions, closings, artfairs, special events and critic's picks. It's one of the easiest apps to use and I highly recommend the download. There is also a link to ARTFORUM, the best art magazine there is. (Android and iPhone)

3. Apollo Muse
Tech-stroke: 5 of the best apps for art lovers
For all things creative- this is the mother of all art apps. It's got news, art market alerts, reviews and art TV. Filter the feed on the left hand side and only select the magazines and websites you would like to view. It's like a super creative Facebook. It's awesome but allow a bit of time to work through all the information on there. (iPhone)

4. ArtStack
Tech-stroke: 5 of the best apps for art lovers
Want to discover new artists? Want to share art with likeminded individuals? Then this app is for you. It's a great way to get discovered and also a really fun way to practice curating. You can 'stack' works (share them on your page) and also follow people's feeds you like. It's a bit like an art focused Instagram. Add me and come and join the fun! (Android and iPhone)

5. MCA Insight
Tech-stroke: 5 of the best apps for art lovers
Get to know the best museum for contemporary art in Sydney. Explore the gallery, get to know what's on and what's coming up and also learn more about the pieces in the gallery via the blurbs and audio features. Use the keypad to easily access individual works and the Map section to figure out where you are in the gallery.  (Android and iPhone)