August 12, 2015


 1. Buy art you love
If you only read one thing in the list, make sure this it is. At the end of the day, art is meant to be celebrated, enjoyed, admired, and most importantly it is meant to make you feel something. Buy art that strikes a chord in you and you would love to showcase in your own home.

 Brooklyn Wheelan
'The Not So Quiet Storm'

 2. Invest in relatively undiscovered artists

Get in before the art escalates in value! Investing in up and coming artists is the best way to kick start your collection. I suggest waiting until they are close to or have finished studying so they have consolidated their personal artistic styles.
Check out the list of artists you may not know (but should!)
Also have a look at the work for sale from the up and coming artists of ‘eleven’

3. Avoid reproductions
While affordable and beautiful, reproductions of famous paintings (literally photographs of original paintings) will not increase in value. I highly suggest talking to the gallery assistant and asking to see what else is in the print racks. Etchings, block prints, and limited edition photographs are all a good way to start your collection and will increase in value if you ever chose to sell.

 Tracey Emin
'I Listen to the Ocean and All I Hear is You'

4. Watch for edition numbers when buying prints
If you do chose to purchase a work that is an edition, watch for the print run number. You want to buy work that is rare and as exclusive as possible. Avoid prints with a high edition number. I would try and avoid anything over 50, unless there is only one left and it is by a lucrative artist. My advice is to try and buy original, exclusive works- think paintings, original sculptures

5. Do your research
Make sure the artist and the gallery and/or company you are buying from is reputable. You can assure registered art companies, galleries and auction houses will protect their artists and make sure they don’t sell forgeries.

 Dale Frank
'She was clearly a lesbian because she always had a good swig of whisky in her white wine'

6. Know the provenance
If you are spending up big on a work of art, make sure you know where it has been before. This is key when it comes to the resale value. You want expensive works to be part of private collections and to be exhibited in a couple of exhibitions prior.

 Dina Broadhurst
'Bagged It (Headless)'

7. Get your work framed properly
This is key in protecting your works. There are plenty of good framers around Sydney ready to frame and defend your works from the elements. Invest in museum grade glass for UV protection and conservation- a must have if you are framing photographs.

8. Make sure it is signed
If it’s not, request a certificate of authenticity!      

August 2, 2015


In keeping with our fierce artisanal muse of the season, we asked Sydney artist and model Amy Finlayson to be our very own “artist in residence” at our Atomic Ranger media launch. Amy hand-painted bespoke pouches for guests of the event, as well as working on a live installation. We caught up with Amy before the launch event to find out a little more about what inspires her. 

Amy Finlayson by Margaret Zhang
When did you begin painting?
My love began as early as kindergarten, but I really fell in love with art in high school. I had an amazing teacher and I used art as my outlet for self-expression. There were many lunch times spent in the art room finishing projects. I love immersing myself in the process.

Do you have a favourite artist?
That’s a very hard question. There are just so many. But I always go back to Julian Schnabel for inspiration.

What’s your life mantra?
How you do one thing is how you do everything.
(Think about it – it will change your life).

What does style mean to you?
Style is having a confident form of self-expression.

Do you have a hidden talent?
I have a killer wolf whistle.
What was the last book you read?
'7 days in the Art World' by Sarah Thornton.

Amy’s hand-painted pouches sit alongside a stunning floral display for our media launch at the Richard Martin Art Gallery, Paddington.
What was the first album you bought?
Fugees, The Score.

Which three women would be your dream party guests?
Amy Schumer, Quentin Jones, Hilary Clinton.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
"Focus on your own hocus pocus and Magic will happen."
What’s your favourite MIMCO piece from the Atomic Ranger collection?
I love the Go To Double Neck and the Deco Echo Pump