October 13, 2015


I recently designed the pendants that will be hanging in the Mercedes Benz 'Temporium' (produced by The Projects*) at the Night Noodle Markets in Sydney's Hyde Park.

 As you can probably tell, my artwork is very organic, both the process behind it and the final result are inspired by both the forms of the natural environment and the beauty that lies in those lines.
This collaboration focused on the warm and cool elements of nature and by using a literal organic leaf prints in a pattern, I was able to create a surreal 'hanging bouquet'. The pendants also have elements that echo contemporary art and design and my personal style, such as fluid black lines, paint smudges and a metallic element to propel the work into a futuristic realm.

Have a peek below of their transformation, from back yard to mezzanine.
A huge thank you to Mercedes Benz and The Projects*