March 15, 2016


Way too many selfies in exercise gear, tantrums, a million cups of coffee, spilled paint, yours truly crying over spilled paint, momets of glory and then some more mistakes. It's definitely not a glam experience in the lead up to an art show. Check out my journey below...

My studio at home is quite small, so luckily my friend and fellow artist Daimon Downey let me use his space for the first printing of my girls. This photo is of the first printing session with the works laid out to dry. I have an amazing printer (Charring Cross Photo) that helped me get all these photos ready. They are printed on a heavy cotton rag paper that was able to withhold the watery layers of paint. Pic by me.

Marbled pants and marbled paintings! The works are created by printing photographs I have taken (on 120mm film), in a cocktail of water and paint. This can be quite tricky, as I can't see where the paint is being applied, so sometimes they need to be redone. It's a chaotic way of painting, but the final result is full of expression and detail. Once the works are dry, I go over the paint with lead and white pencil to accentuate the detailing. Pic by me.

Hang day! This hang was somewhat difficult due to the recessed wall, but once my good friend and I got the first few up, the rest fell into place nicely. I laid all the works out in front of the wall prior to drilling, just to make sure the works all flowed together nicely.
There are 3 triptychs (Frankie, Dani and Rebecca) and 2 diptychs (Luci and Lydia) in the show that needed to be hung together, so it was a matter of figuring out where the single works should be placed around them. Pic by me.

Friends Carlie Philby and Ksenija Lukich joined the celebrations on the night. Pic by @attilaszilvasiphotography

Fellow artist and friend Dina Broadhurst. Pic by @attilaszilvasiphotography

Hotel Centennial
Pic by Bela Rofe

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