May 30, 2016


The urban jungle of New York City. A confusing web of concrete and exhilaration and sometimes a very overwhelming place to see art. Luckily I hit the pavements and did the hard yards for you to find the best (and most obscure) shows to see this (NYC) summer.

  1. Chelsea.
Now here’s the things with Chelsea…. don’t go on weekends! You will be met with a throng of tourists and you will never get anywhere. Want to see it like a true artsy New Yorker? Go on Thursday nights and get free champagne while you’re at it. This way you see the new shows (before the unknowing masses) that are opening for the week or fortnight. My top picks that will be up for a while are:

  1. Richard Serra at The Gagosian (May 7- July 29)
522 West 21st Street and 555 West 24th street.
Grandiose and overwhelming, Serra is a master of cutting both space and light. His extreme steel forms are static in their nature, yet you find yourself moving through space in awe, like never before.

  1. Anish Kapoor at Gladstone Gallery ‘Today You Will Be In Paradise’
 (May 4- June 11) 515 West 24th Street and 530 West 21st Street.
Globule is the (strange) word that comes to mind when describing this show. It's unusual, somewhat human and organic in nature and makes you cringe and wonder at the same time. Fill of metaphorical ideas, it’s tumultuous, visceral, very Kapoor, and is not to be missed. 

  1. Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures (May 5-June 11)
529 West 24th Street.
Cindy is what I like to call a ‘character champion’. Creating different identities and personas, this show focuses on women in 1920’s Hollywood and is classically Sherman.

  1. James Turrell at Pace. ‘67 68 69’ (May 5- June 18)
534 West 25th Street and 32 East 57th Street
Turrell is certainly the master of light. It’s interesting what this can do to the human psyche. In the blue room we went into at this show, no one spoke…no one hardly even moved. This effect is so overwhelming you feel it in your whole being, which is exactly how art should move you.
  1. Juan Usle at Cheim & Read. ‘Membrana Porosa’ (May 5- June 18)
547 West 25th Street
One of the most incredible painting exhibitions I have seen for some time. Not only is the size impressive, but also Usle’s technique and composition is something I have never seen before. According to Cheim Read Gallery: “broad brushstrokes comprising these bands are based on the artist’s pulse—in an interview with John Yau for the Brooklyn Rail, he describes his “sequential field or territory of marks” as a “cardiogram.” If so, it is a cardiogram that is ruptured, torn, and tattered.”

  1. Manus x Machina, Fashion in the Age of Technology at The Met
(Showing now till August 14th) 1000 5th Avenue.
The Manus (hand) and Machina (Machine) are the obvious focus for this show and the dichotomy between the two makes for an incredible exhibition. If you have even the slightest interest in fashion this show is an absolute knock out. It is fantastically laid out and expertly curated- a mean feat with over 170 outfits to show.

  1. Edgar Degas ‘A Strange New Beauty’ at The MoMA
(Showing now till July 24th) 11 West 53rd Street
Those of you who think you know Degas, think again. This show will blow your mind in terms of how his career originated and progressed. The depths of his imagination, innovation and originality are far from the beautiful dancers you normally see from him. He touched on the voyeuristic and darkly candid elements of society yet could go right back to whimsical pastels of ballerinas. It’s an epic show full of extreme talent and relentless experimentation.

  1. ‘Human Interest: Portraits from The Whitney Collection’ at The Whitney.
(April 27 2016-Feb 12 2017). 99 Gansevoort Street
From a giant burning candle of Julian Schnabel to a work representing the skin colour of all the artists in the museum, this show is broad in style yet concentrated in theme. Every piece in this show represents human interest (whatever that may be), so the ideas on this are vast, the materials differ, but in essence, we are all one. 
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There's something immediately dignified about this venue - it is beautifully designed, tasteful, and understated. Went to these comfy San Francisco venues recently, just the right temperature, good food and great experience.